Frequently Asked Questions

How Does this Work ?


  1. Gathering Content: You provide any text or content that you want to be included – we’ll guide you through this process.
  2. Development: We get to work designing your website. You will receive a link to your website within a few working days for approval.
  3. Finishing Touches: Based on your feedback, we complete the website development and make your site ‘go live’ as soon as you’re happy with it.
  4. We offer a monthly "maintanence" service to change, update, or just "once over" to make sure everything is running smoothly 

How Long to build my website?

The development time required to build your website will vary from the next person’s.  We’ll provide an estimate (along with our quote) and keep you in the loop with progress reports while building your site. It’s worth noting, new websites are priced by the content, not by the time taken to build it. 

I want to appear on Google - will my website rank well?


Yes, it will rank well. We do a few things to ensure a superb rank on Google:

  • We build websites the way Google likes them; secure, fast, optimized and many more [boring] details we won’t go into.
  • To guarantee your place high up on the search engines – we provide a superb SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service.

What if I already created my own website?

We can work on your existing site, or start one from scratch. You can keep your existing domain, emails and benefit from a  beautiful website perfectly suited to your needs.